Senate Elections 2020

Call for Nominations

Senate nominations are open for the 2020 election (members-at-large and one district position)

In the 2020 election, there are five (5) member-at-large positions available and one (1) district position (District 9). All members of convocation are eligible to nominate and be nominated. In the case of a district, the nominee must be a resident of that district. In regards to voting for a district nominee, only members residing in that district may vote.

Nominations close March 1, 2020.

Members-at-large with expiring terms

Davida Bentham (not eligible for re-election)
Dan Danielson
Victoria Jurgens
Michelle Thompson (not eligible for re-election)
Fred Wesolowski

District 9: Nipawin – Melfort – Hudson Bay
(Postal code beginning with SOE)

There were no nominations received for District 9 in the last election.

Nomination Form Member-at-large

Nomination Form District 9